Sunday, July 1, 2012

On the Road Again

No, that isn't just an excuse to use a song title as a blog post. I really am on the road again!
The weather over the last week has made moving complicated. I suppose the weather itself isn't the problem so much as the lack of air conditioning. On Thursday in Ypsilanti it reached 106 degrees. My apartment must have been at least 110-115 degrees. After work, I took a quick nap and then languished in the air conditioning at the laundromat. Had it not been for some peculiar characters, I probably would have just stayed the night. Instead, I headed out to see a movie, "Brave," to continue partaking in the free cool air. I contemplated seeing "Magic Mike"  but decided I needed to head home to get sleep for my last day of work.

Saturday was spent running around like a crazy person--Salvation Army, recycling, post office, car wash, Target--then packing the car. The packing was the worst. I have too much stuff despite the fact that I got rid of a lot! Sometime last night I looked around my living room (mind you my car was packed FULL by this point) and saw all of the stuff I still wanted to fit in there...and just cried. Really, I had a hissy fit. Then, I drank some water, ordered some dinner, and thought of ways to reconfigure what I already had packed.

After a short nap (night's sleep seems a little generous at this point), I woke up with a new plan, unpacked and then repacked everything. It didn't all fit but damnit, I did what I could! After a shower and quick vacuum, I was out this morning. Coffee was a top priority, clearly.

Ohio is a really big state apparently cause it seemed to go on FOREVER. I am old school and used Google maps directions and my Rand McNally Atlas. Thank goodness I have both! Ugh, I was so ready to get out of that state.

And now..West Virginia! I am staying in Charleston for the night and while I would love to go walk around and explore, there is no way that I am leaving the comfort of air condition and quiet. Ordering dinner soon and then an amazing sleep WILL HAPPEN.

No sleep, dehydration, and heat makes for a really unsavory April. Just take my word on that.

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