Sunday, July 8, 2012

Two Years Time

It is really interesting (to me, at least) how much has happened in the past two years. This is a picture of me driving from Oregon to Michigan in 2010 and then a picture of me driving from Michigan to South Carolina: 
Not only have I physically changed (just a little), but I have also grow more confident in my profession and learned to be okay with my awkwardness. Seriously though, so awkward! (especially after two days in a car by myself)

When I set out to attend grad school in Michigan, I made a promise to myself to make the most of it and take advantage of every opportunity. 

Successfully complete grad school. Check.
Make strong friendships. Check.
Complete an internship outside of Michigan. Check. Florida! Also did an additional internship with a single parent program
Be involved in my program. Check. Secretary/Semi-Leader of student organization
Do more than required. Check. Volunteered, taught freshman course, additional internships, job responsibilities.
Get a career position on the east coast, preferably in the Carolinas or the Northeast. Check.

I have a very, very hard time taking compliments but on my last day of work, I had co-workers that offered me congratulations but also gave me such praise for being so positive and also being a good academic advisor. It was nice to know that they noticed the hard work that I put into my job despite some of the occasional office politics that got all of us down. I became a mentor (not my word) to the new graduate assistants who were sure of their responsibilities or position. I love the fact that I became a resource for people in my program since I really just learned as I went.  I have become incredibly independent and self-sufficient in this life so when I know things or figure something out, it is mostly trial and error or just a little bit of research. I tell you, anything can be done, obtained, or explained in a simple search on Google.
Now that I am making this huge transition and am completely unsettled, I have no idea what to expect. I have things I would “like” to happen but life is what happens when you make plans, right? The only thing I expect from myself now is to embrace my new city and job and work to make myself a better person both inside and out. 

This time in 2010:
Living with my mom. Ready to make the transition to Michigan. Finishing up my Americorps position in a non-profit organization. Dealing with a crazy ex-boyfriend. Unhealthy and dealing with some medical issues.

This time in 2011:
On vacation in Miami, Florida in between my internship in orientation. Started to become more aware of my body and the need to be healthier and more active increased drastically. Pushed myself outside my comfort zone and was embraced by amazing people.

Now, 2012:
New city. New job. New apartment. AIR CONDITIONING. Oh. It’s important though.  

And now what do the next two years hold for me? No idea! But I guess that is what makes life exciting, right?

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