Thursday, July 5, 2012

Simple Things

I decided to hop on this bandwagon and list A-Z some of the simple things in life that I love. I am especially in need right now when I am (reluctantly admitting this) having a difficult introduction to my new city. There is always a getting-to-know-you period and an acclimation period but I am not known for my patience so.....let's focus on the good stuff, shall we?

A-Airports. Weird, right? But I love, love people watching. As long as I'm not rushing to catch a plane at 6am without a Starbucks near my gate, I am in heaven. I had a three hour layover in Charlotte a few months ago and got a kick out of people watching and listening to the final boarding calls.
B-Brunch (stealing this one from Janetha). I love brunch and all the breakfast/lunch items. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to it and think that it is the best meal, ever.
C-Coffee. Oh, how I love you. I didn't use to have the addiction and instead treated coffee as an occasional treat. One cross-country solo road trip turned me into a dependent.
D-Dogs. I love dogs....well, I call them all puppies,technically. I also squeal like a 3-year-old when I see one.
E-Elephant ears. The food kind, obviously.
F-French fries. My love of the french fry is well-known to my friends and co-workers in Michigan. Red Robin specifically has a special place in my heart.
G-Greek food. Pegasus in Greektown, Detroit, Michigan, says it all. So freakin' good!
H-Happy hour. I love being able to go grab a cheap drink and some noshes with friends. One of the greatest things about being over 21, I swear!
I-Imagination. Never stop considering the possibilities.
J-Jokes of the corniest kind. Example: What does a nosey pepper do? (answer at end)
K-Kind smiles.
L-Live sports. There is nothing better than the rush of sitting in a crowded stadium/field with a bunch of intense, excited fans. One of the best things I did in Detroit was attend a Red Wings game. Totally worth the money!
M-Movies. I love, love going to the movies and I have no favorite genre. It is such a great way to escape and enter into a world with rich characters and action. I just saw "Magic Mike" today, for example, and I am still reeling from the effects of a whole lot of crotch grabbing and weird acting.
N-Nail polish. I blame Pinterest for this trend as it continues to show all the cool things you can do with nail polish if you have cool colors, a toothpick, a steady hand, and the patience of Mother Theresa.
O-Oregon. As I have traveled, there are definitely things in Oregon that I miss and took for granted. Mild summers. Green city spaces. Thrift stores. Insane farmer's markets.
P-Peanut Butter. I have a friend who is incredibly allergic to peanuts and it makes me so sad for her. She's okay with it but I think of what she is missing out on!
Q-Queen sized beds. Pillow top, preferred.
R-Rainbows. Nature's little "hello."
S-Serve yourself frozen yogurt shops. I began my addiction in Portland and while Michigan is just hopping on the bandwagon, my summer in Florida reignited my love for it. I have no favorite flavor but no matter what, I must have fruity pebbles. Oh, and mochi!
T-Travel. My little road trip from Michigan to South Carolina only furthered my interest to drive around the country more and take time to see the sights.
U-Umbrellas. Useful little things, especially when you get caught in a summer shower. Also, come in a variety of colors and patterns.
V-Vegetables. The more "v"ariety, the better! In a recent trip to my friend's house, she showed me all of her veggies from the CSA including some crazy things I had never seen before. Adventurous eating at its best!
W-Water. I have an intense fear of drowning, can't swim, and yet I feel so much more at ease when I am near water. Perhaps it is my crazy, wandering spirit but I need to be around some sort of lake, river, or ocean.
X-X-Men. Okay, this is really my excuse to include any and all comic book-related movies. X-Men being one of the best ones because Hugh Jackman is involved. The Avengers, Spiderman, Batman, Iron Man, etc.
Y-Yoga pants. Now, under the wrong circumstances, these pants are bad. They are not meant to be worn out to nice dinners or to work but in the house or on a quick trip to the grocery store, perfection.
Z-Z-Tile in the game of Scrabble. Once you know its power, you shall dominate the game! (Same goes for the Q)
That was a lot harder than I thought it would be!

What are some of your simple things?

*Gets jalapeno business. Ha!

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