Thursday, July 19, 2012

Delicate Fine Lace

I only wish I had some interesting updates or life tidbits to share with y'all. I've been at my job for almost two weeks, been in my city for almost three, and got incredibly lost in both said city and Charlotte. Here is a brief, hopefully not entirely boring post that may only include a picture or two.

  • I finally ordered a bed! It only weighs 40lbs., fits into a medium sized box and has no box spring. Intrigued? Yeah I am, too. I will do a full detailed post on that one. 
  • Craigslist is the bane of my existence. People in Columbia sell really old couches and think they can price them for hundreds of dollars because they weren't really sat on or sat in the basement for the past decade. Um, sir or ma'am, that couch is clearly from the 70's and that flower print hurts my eyes. I shall not pay your $300! (This means I haven't had luck in the furniture department). 
  • The main reason for the trip to Charlotte was to hit up IKEA and Trader Joe's. I bought these shelves (2), this TV stand, a rug (total splurge, in white) and a few other do-dads. That shelving unit was the biggest pain in my ass.
  • Finally got a shower curtain from Ross. I am picky about the oddest things; couches, shelves, side tables, and the like I am pretty open to. If we are talking about shower curtains, rugs, lamps, and bedspreads then holy heck, I am incredibly specific about what I like and don't like. I do believe this is why I like thrift stores--no having to decide among the massive shelves just if I like it, I buy it. Simple. 
  • I also finally (the last one) made dinner in my kitchen! I love my kitchen but haven't really felt like it was mine just yet. I made my signature frittata and a farmer's market vegetable quinoa salad. Both were healthy, delicious, and eaten over the course of four days. Tomorrow is veggie pizza!
The City:
  •  The picture above is the state house. I see the back of the state house each day on my way to work and Williams Brice Stadium in the other direction. 
  • I get lost a lot. I know it is how I learn a new city but damn is it frustrating. 
  • Moved all of my information over to South Carolina last week. License, bank account, staff member ID, and insurance. I was a little sad to lose my Oregon license, I won't lie. Tears may have been welled in an eye or two. 
The (attempt) to meet new people:
  • Going to be a challenge, probably the biggest. I'll document a few little things on here in case anyone is reading but this will be...interesting. 
  • Online dating is really, really just not going to work. People who are over the age of 18 really shouldn't be having profiles that use words like "4ever" and "c u in da wknd." I mean really, if you are already typing an entire profile, why not spell the ENTIRE word AND do spell check? Eh? If you could only see my face as I read some of really is a sight to behold. 
  • I might just need to get a cat now. 
  • Going to start working out again next week to get into a routine. I thought about doing Couch 2 5K since I live in a really nice neighborhood and could actually just run near home. The only problem I see with that is the intense heat (August is suppose to be the worst) and humidity. My lungs aren't really up to par just yet! My co-worker and I were thinking about doing a 5k in September which sounds like a lot of fun and it could be good to have some moral support. 
The Random: 
  • I found the best cereal ever. Cinnamon Chex. It's gluten free, relatively decent in calories, apparently contains some sort of whole grain AND tastes like the cinnamon twists from Taco Bell. Oh yes!
  • I fell in love with a sandwich last week. There are two cute coffee/lunch places near my office and last week when I wasn't quite in the swing of things, I went out to eat a lot. I discovered this amazing veggie sandwich that has sprouts, two kinds of olives (!!), cucumbers, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and spinach cream cheese (!!!). It looks so simple but tastes heavenly. There is also an amazing black bean wrap that I plan to remake at home soon. Mmm...
  •  What is the point of a fruit fly? 
  • I love farmer's markets. 
And..I should probably be asleep right now! I haven't been sleeping well lately so my coffee dependence has significantly increased and I am a little more spacey than normal. One more day to get through then the whole weekend to realign. Here's hoping!

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