Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Good Things Today

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For our staff meeting, my boss brought in triple cream brie with whole wheat crackers, whole walnuts, and pear slices. Seriously, I could live off this stuff. Perhaps I was meant to be French? Or at least European?

I bought a new (to me) digital camera! I really wanted one now that there is the potential for me to be driving cross country. Oh the sights I will see. For the past four years I was using a 2.0 megapixel hand-me-down from an old roommate. It definitely served its purpose but now I have a whole 6.0 megapixels and zoom to play with. I was nervous about how low the price was but it turned out to be a great find on Craigslist. Especially with new babies and leaving old friends, I will have to make sure to capture all the memories.

The gym. I am loving this whole push-myself-for-distance-and-sweat-buckets thing I have going on. I have been working more towards distance than speed and trying to fit in a tidy little workout before work each morning. I think that I might attempt to get a bike after the move and today I did an exercise bike for about 4.5 miles which felt great. I actually wish I could stay at the gym longer some days. The next feat will be to fit in a yoga or pilates class after work one of these days. I really want to stretch out my back and be more flexible.

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