Thursday, April 1, 2010

White Stuff

Now that I think about it, not a great title, huh? Well, while I was at the gym today I overheard a conversation about how someone gave up all white foods and has never felt better. This woman has to be at least 65 and looks great so whatever she is doing, I really should be doing. I have heard this theory before and it completely makes sense: all that white bread, rolls, pasta, and mashed potates are just fillers that end up sitting in your stomach like a brick. Really it does nothing for us but slow us down. So as I desperately tried to squeak out 10 minutes on the rowing machine, I declared I would try my best to elimintate white foods from my diet.

However, I am in the throws of crankiness this week (thanks to womanly duties) and I had forgotten to pack a breakfast. That, along with my desperate craving for coffee lately sent me over to McDonalds where I proceeded to get a white breakfast item and a medium iced coffee. It was damn good.

I know that fast food is crap and I haven't been partaking in it since Lent started and even before that, it was on a rare occasion or desperate need to eat something while out and about. I knew exactly how much fat and calories I was going to be eating and that I would need to adjust the rest of my day in order to fit this splurge in. I will say this: it managed to keep me full until lunch.

To overcome my love of the fast food breakfast sandwich, I have been making them at home with even better results!

1-Bagelthins, lightly toasted and spray with butter
1-egg puff (crack egg into bowl, whisk, put in microwave for 45-60 second, tada)
2-strips of Morningstar Farms "bacon"
sprinkling of nutritional yeast

Seriously, it takes less than 2 minutes to have this in the morning and is completely satisfying. AND yet another reason why I love meatless products, so easy to prepare! Although I have to be honest, I have missed being able to eat meat since I gave it up for Lent!

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