Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My "w00t w00t" for this week so far

  • I think this exercise thing is finally kicking in and becoming a habit. I love the feeling of sweating and pushing myself just a little bit further each day. Let's not overlook the fact that there is a younger, very cute fella that works there and works out there. He is just nice and adorable and ripped like a mofo. Oh and I have now mastered the wet hair-do at work so that I look professional but don't have the flipped out ends. All in all, I am digging this gym thing! I also have more energy throughout the day which is quite nice.
  • This email was sent around my new office: "I would like to announce the hiring of one of our GA's for the 2010-2011 year. April Cannon is our newest addition to the staff. She is currently working in Vancouver, Washington. She earned her BS degree from Oregon State University. She is pursuing a Masters in Higher Education Student Affairs. Please welcome April to our staff!" Colored me very excited! That means I am official and that I am really doing this whole grad school thing. Holy crap.
  • Dog sitting tomorrow through the weekend at a nice place in downtown Portland. I am looking forward to snuggling up with a sweet dog at night while I get through at least part of my reading list. I know there is a huge TV there too but the thought that I can kick my feet up, stare out at the city below me (25th floor), and read a great book just gets me all excited. I may miss a few days at the gym but walking the dog four times a day and doing some yoga will completely make up for it.
  • As I get low in my groceries, I get incredibly creative which actually turns into incredibly healthy for some reason. I start combining all my frozen foods with the (usually) extra pasta in some sort of sauce (pizza sauce, pesto, salsa, etc.) and it makes a yummy dinner and lunch.
  • Lunch date with Jenn tomorrow!
  • AND....this just in.....I helped someone a little bit with their resume and they have 5 job interviews this week! How awesome is that? Um, very!

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