Friday, April 2, 2010

Oh, Grocery!

The weather outside is absolutely bi-polar. It is pouring down rain and incredibly windy but somehow the blue sky keeps teasing us. Even scarier, the fact that I am on the 4th floor of a big building and have the windows creaking a bit against the force of the wind. I am a total weather nut and love this but the sounds are a bit much.

In much yummier news, I went grocery shopping last night! It is very exciting especially when you are down to shriveling vegetables and pasta. I am not normally a Wal-Mart shopper but I had a bunch of things to grab both grocery and otherwise.

I came upon some lovely little items though and the prices were, of course, quite nice.

Healthy Choice Steamers

I was skeptical about the steamer meals because frozen meals always look good on the packages but then when you get them home they are this scary piece of "meat" and vegetables overrun with sauces. This bowl was so good! The grains were all done perfectly, huge pieces of broccoli, and a the nutritional facts are all balanced and appealing. I am going to dive even further into the "steamers" line pretty soon and see what else they have to offer.

These cute packages of freeze dried fruit are aimed at children but I couldn't resist picking up a couple. I grabbed the strawberry and banana packet which contains one whole banana and four strawberries. The idea of freeze dried fruit is still a little strange to me but I do love the fact that I can satisfy my crunchy and sweet craving with only a handful of calories.

Many people still categorize popcorn cakes as dry, tasteless health food. They have come a long way! I regularly eat the apple cinnamon and white cheddar popcorn cakes because they are just good. The apple cinnamon flavor isn't overwhelming but I like it just the same. These snack rice cakes with berry flavors are not only really flavorful but also crunchy and sweet! I grabbed a few while I made dinner last night and they are just as addicting as potato chips and tastier than most cookies out there. I only saw them in two flavors, Wild Blueberry & Blackberry but I imagine the possibilities are endless. (P.S. I like my rice cakes with a smear of PB on them!)

Now to a local shout-out for the most amazing fudge: Oh, Fudge
They are featured at the Daisy Maiz store at 607 Washington St. Vancouver, WA 98660 and also frequent the Vancouver Farmer's Market. One of my co-workers brought in two big boxes of various varieties today and we are all in quite the sugar comma heaven. I have a beautiful piece of fudge that has peanuts and caramel running through the middle and another that is coffee flavored. The consistency is soft and it's not so overly sugary that it hurts your teeth but you absolutely want to save each and every nibble...slowly....and possibly in the privacy of your own home.

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