Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

I do believe that this book will be my soul guide/spiritual leader as I dive in to my next adventure. I finally finished the book last night and have so much to say about it but don't have the energy to do so just yet. I have notes upon notes from both "Eat, Pray, Love" and "Committed" to go over but they need to make sense to other people than just myself. Work in progress.

I will say that it is perhaps fate that the movie comes out on August 13th the same day that I will arrive in Michigan and step foot into my little apartment for the first time. It is also FRIDAY the 13th, proven to be one of my historically lucky days (knock on wood). I plan to move my stuff in, shower, grab a fantastic lunch, and see the movie that night. I will have to actually find a movie theater but no worries. I also need to acquire a copy of EPL to refer back to often.


  1. i lent this book to a co-worker and should probably get it back so i can read it!

  2. Um...definitely. I recommend it to everyone!