Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sleep, Sweet Sleep

After a bad night's sleep, I was dragging all day yesterday. That coupled with neves made me want to crash the second I got home from work. I tried so hard to stay awake, I did. By 7:45PM I gave up. I knew that I was risking the dreaded midnight wake up but I just didn't care. I was dead asleep by 8pm and awoke at 7:30AM. I woke up probably at least two times during the night but didn't care to check the time or light outside. It was kind of nice! I definitely needed the sleep. If only my bed were as comfortable as the one above.

Sleep is important to learn about. Wikipedia can provide information!

The Postal Service has a little diddy about sleep. Here are the lyrics!

What does your sleeping position say about you? Huffington Post lets us all in! (I'm a semi-fetal)


  1. I am the full fetal...interesting. A good night rest should be guilt free.

  2. Yay - glad you got some sleep. I hate days after I didn't sleep much.

    I think I am the royal position? But that is totally not my personality at all. :-)

  3. Sounds like you have quite the good position there Brittney!!

    Isn't it interesting what the positions could say about you? I guess the level of truth is what varies though :)