Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Pill

This is a really interesting piece about "The Pill" on

Oh, the pill. I recently went back on the pill after a 10 month hiatus. My need for this amazing invention is not "fun" but more for health reasons. It does feel nice to be back on my routine (I thought I was always forgetting to do something the first few months I stopped) but I am not a fan of what my body is going through.

Typical side effects of the pill when starting are:
weight gain
breast tenderness

These can last for up to three months but my typical is a good solid month. I can handle most of this but one that they didn't mention is the PMS-like symptom of OHMYGODCRABBINESS. It does need to be in bold, big lettering. I have a mean case of the crabbies that I can't seem to shake. I have practiced my deep breathing and trying to focus on something else and, well, nothing seems to work that great. If I am giving myself pep talks in the car, I must be going bonkers.

I am hoping that all of these symptoms subside soon enough. At the very least, before I spend over a week in the car by myself. I prefer not to scare people as I drive through Utah and Nebraska yelling at myself and breathing deeply.

One of the main reasons I wanted to go back on the pill was for a few health concerns and to get my inner system back on track. Honestly, things haven't been quite normal since I moved back to the area. I have had a lot of stress so I thought that my body was just "out of whack" and I didn't think anything of it. Things improved once I got a job and even more when I started working out but now that I am in my last month, my schedule is becoming wonky again and although I will be more active, I am definitely neglecting myself completely. I will say that having health insurance has proven to be incredibly helpful.

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