Saturday, July 3, 2010

Free Will Astrology Horoscope

For the week of July 1st:

How well are you capitalizing on this year's unique opportunities, Aries? Since we're halfway through 2010, let's take an inventory. I'm hoping you're well underway in the heroic task of conquering your past. It has been and will continue to be prime time for you to wean yourself from unresolvable energy-drains. So exorcise irksome ghosts, please! Pay off ancient debts! Free yourself from memories that don't serve you! You're finally ready to graduate from lessons you've had to learn and re-learn and re-re-learn. The coming months will bring you
even more opportunities to finish up old business that has demanded too much of your time and energy.

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I do like to believe in horoscopes. I primarily read this one because it relates to things in my life much closer than I would expect. This one is a great example of that and also something that has been on my mind lately.

I have baggage. Everyone has baggage. That kind of emotional baggage that you carry around, day to day, and into and out of new relationships and experiences. It can effect how we see things and how we respond to the world around us.

In the last few days, I have been thinking a lot about all the baggage I have here and what I want to leave behind. I have heavy baggage that I have been carrying around for at least a decade now. It is always there popping up when I least expect it even but it is what it is. As I begin sorting things to move away, I am noticing just how much I am "running away" from and what I hope for the future. I have some really big aspirations as I move forward. I just hope I can accomplish them!

I am leaving people behind that I desperately need to leave. I am going to let go of my mistakes and failures since they aren't doing me any good now. I am going to take all of the wonderful things that I have learned here and the few people that have showed me what friendship is and move forward. All of the crappy people in my life have been my fault since I let them be there. I have allowed myself to get really lazy and treat myself like crap. Eh, that just has to stop sometime and why not now?

As I drive, I will roll down the windows, let the wind move through the car, air my grievances and heartbreaks one last time and leave them. Look out mid-west for low flying baggage!


  1. One of my favorite parts about moving is leaving the negative people/influences behind. You’ll always have your true friends, but it can be hard to shrug off those you shouldn’t have around while you’re living in the same area as the problem. I’m going to miss you, but I’m proud of you. You’ll do great things in grad school.

  2. Amy, your support means the world to me. We will keep in touch..that I know for sure!

  3. I'm really excited to see where your next step takes you and see you thrive in school, Michigan, and life!