Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"The Office" Feel Good Quotes

Sorry. My recent revelation that the show, "The Office," is actually brilliant has sparred me to go into some geekdom. Enjoy.

Jim Halpert: I bought the boat tickets the day I saw that YouTube video. I knew we'd need a backup plan. The boat was actually plan C. The church was plan B. And plan A was marring her a long, long time ago. Pretty much the day I met her.
Angela: [crying] Sprinkles never hurt a soul. God, in your infinite wisdom how can you do this? She wasn't ready, she had so much left to accomplish.
Dwight Schrute: Tis only a cat.
Angela: You never... you don't like them.
Dwight Schrute: Cats do not provide milk or wool or meat.
Michael Scott: Would I rather be feared or loved? Um... Easy, both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.
Dwight Schrute: Women are like wolves. If you want a wolf, you have to trap it. You have to snare it. And then you have to tame it. Keep it happy. Care for it. Feed it. Lovingly, the way an animal deserves to be loved. And my animal deserves a lot of loving.
Angela: I know that patience and loyalty are good and virtuous traits but sometimes I just think you need to grow a pair.
Pam Beesly: Hey! I wanna say something. I've been trying to be more honest lately, and I just wanna say a few things. I did the coal walk! Just, I did it. Michael, you couldn't even do that. Maybe I should be your boss. Wow I feel really good right now. [pause] Why didn't any of you come to my art show? I invited all of you. That really sucked. It's like sometimes some of you act like I don't even exist. Jim, I called off my wedding because of you. And now we're not even friends. And things are just like weird between us. And that sucks. And I miss you. You were my best friend before you went to Stamford. And I really miss you. I shouldn't have been with Roy, and there were a lot of reasons to call of my wedding. But the truth is, I didn't care about any of those reasons until I met you. And now you're with someone else. And that's fine. It's, whatever, it's not what I'm- I'm not- Okay my feet really hurt. The thing that I'm just trying to say to you Jim, and to everyone else in the circle, I guess, is that I miss having fun with you. Just you, not everyone in the circle. Okay. I am gonna go walk in the water now. Yep. It's a good day. [she runs away]
Michael Scott: Pam! That was amazing! ...But I am still looking for someone with a sales background.
Dwight Schrute: We-- Don't you wanna earn Schrute Bucks!?
Stanley: No. In fact, I'll give you a billion Stanley Nickels if you never talk to me again.
Dwight Schrute: What's the ratio of Stanley Nickels to Schrute Bucks?
Stanley: The same as the ratio of unicorns to leprechauns.
Michael Scott: [bangs gavel] The hell is that?
Phyllis: It's the only gavel I could find.
Michael Scott: It squeaks when you bang it. That's what she said.

Okay, I'll stop there.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

4 Tips for Event Planning

I consider myself a novice event planner. Having been part of some event planning and planned one wedding completely, I started to notice trends and the things that cause people to freak out the most. I absolutely love researching different ideas and offering something new and exciting to the people I am working with. I applied for a position as an assistant event planner the other day and it led me to think about how I approach events and the whole planning process which can sometimes be stressful and overwhelming. Here are my tips:

1. Have an inspiration
This doesn't need to be an overall scheme. It can be as simple as craft paper, a quilt, a favorite fabric, favorite food, or a favorite destination. It has to be something that makes you feel excited! By having something to refer to, you can make sure that things don't get too off course or the spending doesn't go off track.
The show "My Fair Wedding" by David Tutera is the perfect example of this. This amazing wedding planner comes in to help a bride who has taken, for example, a winter wedding theme, and wasted her money on cheesy plastic winter ornaments and flowers. She has taken a theme and ran with it but somewhere in the blissful planning process, started to veer towards the everything approach rather than the specific. Tutera scales everything down and really addresses what the bride was aiming for rather than what she bought.

One example that I gave a friend of mine was the peacock feather. Now, she doesn't need to use peacock feathers but the array of deep, rich colors is something that she can refer to while picking out linens or flowers or even creating her invitations. The other idea to pare down color choices is to have you and your partner go to a paint store and pick out colors that appeal to you, perhaps two or three main colors. If you want to pick a bunch of colors then you can see if you want pastels versus matte versus bold color palettes because a bright pink will just not go well with a light pastel yellow. No. No.

2. Represent who you are
It is going to be silly to have a dinner party in the middle of the woods if you are so definitely city people who have never been camping before. It would be restricting to have a very formal wedding if you are more relaxed, laid back people. Of course you can mix things up but what makes the event special and memorable is if your personality shows. This can be in the form of food, music, decor, footwear, whatever! The most successful events are the ones where the people are comfortable and know that the event is straight from the heart.
3. Invite the people that you will enjoy....
...and that will support you and love you even when you burn the turkey or cake. I hear these weddings that are over 200 people and I wonder if they even know all of them! Why invite the cousin that you haven't seen since you were 5 years old? Why invite the evil Aunt that will just make everyone uncomfortable? Of course, there are the old rules of inviting family and old friends but you are paying for them so you might as well enjoy them! There are blogs that are specifically meant for small weddings and they always seem the best because it is a gathering of people that are genuinely happy for you. Same goes for parties. If you are going to all the trouble to plan these things then have people there that you can ENJOY!

4. Pick what is the most important to you
We are obviously not all strong enough to always go against tradition, family opinions (and sometimes financial ties), and the thousands of ideas that will get thrown at you while planning a wedding/party/gathering. Somewhere in there you have to figure out what you NEED and WANT to have so that you are happy. Do you and your partner care about a cake? Do you care about music? Do you need to dance? These are things that are HUGE to discuss because it can be the difference between a $2,000 wedding and a $50,000 wedding...when you only have $1,000 budget.

Say you look back at your wedding or event and wished that you had done something different, what would that be? If you could care less about a proper cake then just grab something from a local bakery or you can offer an array of smaller individual desserts and be done with it. If you just want music but don't need the band then use the trusty iPod, rent a great sound system and create your own list for super cheap (or free!). It pays to research and ask friends for tips. Buying stuff online helps. Borrowing things from friends helps. Don't get overwhelmed with all the work!

Obviously, this isn't everything. I feel like people spend so much money on their weddings and big parties that they should slow down and focus on the finer details. No one will really remember the color of the linens. They will remember the smile on your face. They won't remember if the plates were fancy or paper. They will remember everyone coming together and having a GOOD TIME!