Saturday, January 2, 2016

And Now, 2016!

Along with every other blogger, I figured I should write down some of my major goals for the year.

My goals last year were very simple....and I just checked them a week ago!

"Goals for 2015 include reading a book every month, trying out a new restaurant weekly, losing the 25 pounds that I have packed on since moving back to Portland in 2013, and getting my teeth fixed up (terrifying isn't even a good enough word for this one)."

And did I actually achieve any of these? Well, I read a good handful of books, K & I tried out a few new restaurants (Cibo is a new favorite!), I have lost all of three pounds (small victories?) and I got braces in October (holy crap!). There have been some good changes this year and some struggles, and all of that just makes me want to be and do so much better this year. I want to set achievable goals and also small, baby steps that mean I will actually accomplish something.


  • Blog more and intentionally. 
My numbers have been pretty sad for the last few years. After my mom passed away, I just didn't feel like I had it in me to blog anymore. It seemed pointless and I wasn't really doing anything exciting that would be worthy of updating. I would love to have a place where I can document the new recipes I plan to make, some of my Portland adventures, and also just general life stuff.

  • Integrate more stress-relieving and relaxation techniques into my daily life.
To those that are close to me, they know that the last year has been stressful. For Christmas, I got stress-relieving adult coloring books, candles, and fragrances. There was definitely a theme! So in the attempt to better my mental and physical state (stress has kicked my ass!), I want to make sure to take even 10 minutes per day doing something relaxing. This includes yoga, hot baths, coloring, crochet, and cooking. 

  • Make two new recipes per month. 
Again with the cooking! My happy place is baking; I love trying new recipes and sharing with other people but I really want to cut down on sugar and pastries/baked goodies are a huge temptation for me. I'll still bake here and there (and experiment with vegan and gluten-free baking) but I want to become more skilled in making healthy meals. 

  • Get significant physical activity twice a week. 
See what I did there? I am not making myself go to the gym only (have a gym membership, haven't been since October, not sure whether to keep or cancel) but want to intentionally get significant exercise at least twice a week. When the weather is nicer, K & I like going on ridiculously long walks around Portland. Exploring the neighborhoods, judging people's landscaping, and chatting about life stuff is one of my favorite things. I want to incorporate yoga into my morning routine to help with stress and flexibility. I want to try Zumba at least once this year! And I am also very, very intrigued by the thought of aerial yoga classes, too! Oh, and I had a dream where I was legitimately running and felt so free and happy so clearly my mind and body want me to be active. Hello!

  • Do one super cool, totally random thing each month. 
Self explanatory, right? 

  • Pay off all credit card debt. 

  • Take my daily vitamins, omega-3 and calcium supplements. 
That should be plenty to aim for in the new year. I wish that feeling of excitement and motivation right after the new year continued all year!

Oh and my favorite picture of myself this year: