Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Flow of Thought

I have been exhausted this week which leads me to believe that besides my wild sleeping habits, I also am getting sick. The tiredness leans towards sickness and combine those two together and add some inactive Netflix and Internet and you get major grumpy pants. MS. Grumpy pants, actually.

I came home starving tonight and spent 45 minutes (literally) looking at different pizza advertisements and seeing what might make the most sense:

I know I want breadsticks. 
I don't need breadsticks but if I am going to order pizza, I am going to order breadsticks.
Okay, these three have good ratings online so let's see how much that would cost. 
$3 delivery charge? Um, that makes the whole pizza thing over $15.
I'm nervous.
Oh, the chicken artichoke pizza sounds good.
I have frozen chicken, artichokes and pizza crust-like options in the freezer.
Oh, the veggie pizza looks good.
No, I want simple and comforting. Hawaiian. Yes.
Okay....calculating costs....I have pineapple in the freezer, pizza crust-like options and turkey lunch meat.
I don't need a whole pizza.
April, get off ass and just eat what you have. 
You don't have money. You don't need pizza.

Conclusion (besides that I am losing it)? Made mini pizza and ate large bowl of ice cream to quell crankiness. I ran out of cheese tonight though so tomorrow night......hmmm...

I decided to get a little gift for some people I used to work with. That internal conversation went like this:
...Check email...
Oh, good deal on some flowers. Nice.
That isn't that much. Who should I send them to?
Oh, I have a coupon! Yes. 
Paid. Done.

I gots my priorities people! :)


  1. Haha I have that same debate every time I go to eat out! It's awful whenever I go to order salad or spaghetti...I know I can make it at home for cheaper!

  2. Exactly! I guess maybe that is a good thing--saves money at least!