Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Movie Reviews ala Netflix

I love Netflix. I always wonder if it is worth the money but then I realize that it is my destresser and my amusement. This week is technically my "spring break" although my work email would seriously prove otherwise. Over the weekend I took one day and just attacked my Netflix queue. Do you have a queue? Cause I have two!

I have the regular DVD disc queue (152) and then the Instant Watch (69). It is like window shopping at Blockbuster or something. I put everything on there that I have heard about or see on television shows (SATC, Gilmore Girls, etc.). The problem is that my attention span is teenytiny so if the mood strikes, I have to get on to the movies!

Currently I am making my way through "The Cosby Show" which might seem random (which it is) but it has an odd soothing effect on me. I'm actually excited because Netflix just made a deal to get more shows that I love like Frasier, Family Ties, and Cheers on "Watch Instantly."

 I totally expected not to like this movie and be seriously confused afterward. I wanted to make my way through the Oscar nominees as well and so this was a must. I must say that I really, really liked this movie! I thought the storyline was a little strange but the effects and actors were brilliant.

Another Oscar nominee but don't get why. I think the storyline is good and anything with the main three actors, Mark Ruffalo, Julianne Moore, and Annette Bening, will definitely be good, but I don't think it is Oscar worthy.

Ah, yes, I finally saw this one! There are some movies that I also watch purely because of the buzz about it. I probably wouldn't have watched this otherwise except to see Justin Timberlake. This was a great movie that really dives into a complex world that most people don't get to see because it all happens behind the screens of our computers, iPads and iPhones. Jesse Eisenberg is fantastic.

I love 90% of the actors in this so what is not to love? Awkward acting and really strange storyline. I felt like I was watching Dawson's Creek fast forward about 25 years.

And a list of the rest!

(I don't believe these are newspaper-worthy reviews but just my little opinion about some good and really not good movies.) 

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask
Woody Allen might be all that I need to say here! I got through exactly 14 minutes before I gave up. Weird.

Beautiful documentary about babies all over the world and how different cultures raise babies. I found myself crying, laughing, and feeling sorry for the one baby that gets picked on by his brother.

Some Kind of Wonderful
Classic 80's movie that I had seen parts of on television but never the whole thing. I have an absolute addiction to 80's movies! John Hughes is genius.

Meet Me in St. Louis
This was one of those "I heard it in the SATC movie and had to see what it was all about" sort of deals. Apparently I am not a fan of musicals. Judy Garland is a beautiful singer and I now want to visit St. Louis but may never want to see the movie again.

Weather Girl
Total girl down on her luck-rom-com kind of thing but I loved it. Random celebrities showing makes it even better.

What Just Happened?
I have no idea what happened cause I was able to last only 49 minutes here. Robert De Niro stars as this kind of hyped up movie executive. I am positive that the only reason I added the movie was for Bruce Willis.

My Girlfriend's Boyfriend
This was the beginning of my rom-com night which then included Weather Girl and The Pick-Up Artist. I think Alyssa Milano is adorable and this got decent reviews so I decided to take a shot. Christopher Gorham (Henry for all of those Ugly Betty watchers) is also so buff that it freaks me out. He looks all geeky and awkward but then these bulging biceps are happening. Sorry, ahem. It was a cute movie! 

The Pick-Up Artist
80's movie, Robert Downey Jr. and Molly Ringwald. Enough said! 

Gosford Park
I was in the mood for a period piece with some drama and this totally delivered. All of the characters were so vibrant and interesting that I almost wish there was more. I originally added this for Helen Mirren but really, the cast of characters are amazing. 

Me and Orson Welles
I think Zac Efron is an awesome actor. There. I said it. He was great and funny in this movie.

Just wait...I have a whole five days left of break! Let's see how far I get....

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