Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hot Dog!

Okay, the title can be taken as good and bad in this case. I do love me some meat though (TWSS)!

I went crazy shopping today in preparation for my next "trip" which has a totally different climate than the one I have been living in for the past eight months. Dude, I am prepared for winter and 30 degree temperatures! It felt completely unreasonable to be shopping for skirts (with nekkid legs) and shorts. More on this later.

For is a sneak peek of a few things I bought and will actually NOT return this time:

 All from Old Navy and all for a good cause! I had a coupon for 30% off today and 5% of the proceeds go to my charity of choice which is World Wildlife Fund. It might not be much but at least someone else will benefit off my clothes buying bonanza! More to come tomorrow when I show you all of the lovely items I got.

P.S. The second part of that hot dog was that I was starving while running errands, found myself at Sam's Club and was too tempted by the magical hot dogs so that became my dinner. It was delicious. It was satisfying. And then I felt so guilty that I don't think it was actually worth it. Live and learn people!


  1. I just bought a denim dress too. I found one marked down to $8.99 on a clearance rack yesterday. I’m excited to wear it =)

  2. Me too! I was surprised I liked it so much. You better take pictures so we can compare!

  3. Sounds good. I wore mine today with black leggings, and I think it’s both cute and comfortable. I like the ease of denim, but I’m not a big fan of jeans. I’ll take a picture once I get over this nasty viral infection.

  4. I think I might go that fashion direction myself. I was saving it for the new little trip but am excited to bust it out early.

    I hope you get better soon! Sounds like you have a pretty nasty bug. Hopefully you get some recuperating time in bed watching horrible reality tv :)