Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Tights Are Upon (Me)

The leggings. The tights.
They have been everywhere this winter but I had yet to really embrace the trend. I wore leggings ONE day with a skirt and boots and I do believe that was in October or November. Since it has been around six months, I decided to try it again!

Perhaps I am resistant to change? Pants have been far too good to me....

Oh yes, it was barely above 40 degrees for the past six months. Got it. So on St. Patrick's Day, the holiest of party days, I unearthed my green dress that I do believe has only been worn once since I bought it in 2004. Yep. 2004.

I wanted to look nice this day not because of the holiday (I am not a college boy or Irish) but just because. I am in a total rut with work ensembles so this was the perfect time to bust out some fashion sense.

(I swear I am not showing my "come hither" look in the last picture...)

I forgot how painful it was to wear heels all day when you are walking back and fourth between your office and the front desk all day long plus walking around on campus but I felt much more confident. Ideally, I would love to dress like this for work every day and turn my entire wardrobe in to J.Crew catalog with a smidge of Anthropologie thrown in for good measure.

Green dress, GAP, $10-12 probably
Black cami, Old Navy, $3
Cream cardigan, Target, $10
Black tights, Old Navy, $2.50 (still in the package right before this showing)
Black heels, Target, $10-12
Rose pin (you can kind of see it in the first picture), Vintage Merchant (Portland), $2

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