Friday, January 27, 2012

Getting Dressed

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” --Mark Twain

To help cultivate my more professional wardrobe, tackle some trends that I have been hesitant to embrace, and also address my changing body (which I hope continues to change in a healthy, positive direction), I  have been buying a few pieces here and that that I believe I can wear well into the summer and also things that I can wear to interviews and the conference in March. Here are a few of the highlights:

I tried these boots on last Fall and fell in love with the fact that 1) they had great traction for the winter weather and 2) they fit my calves! They aren't exactly "feminine" in the traditional sense but I was desperately watching and waiting to see if they went on sale. Waiting...waiting...and once I had some money in my account I decided to just get them online. If you spent more than $50 at, you get free shipping. Okay, another pair of boots perhaps?

These were reviews as having a "vintage feel" and looked great with skirts so I decided to take the plunge. For both pairs, I was very, very apprehensive to not only spend the money but also if I would feel comfortable tackling the trend of boots with skirts and boots with skinny jeans. I always feel like I am playing dress up when I try to be chic; like if I had an older sister, I would be stealing these things out of her closet. Worst case scenario, I knew I could take them back. Bonus: I found a discount code online for $10 so really, two pairs of boots for $80 wasn't terribly shabby.

P.S. The black pants I am wearing are NOT leggings but instead skinny black jeans. What? Skinny jeans. They are oddly comfortable and I might be crazy and wear them with heels someday! I know, daredevil right here.

What do you think about embracing trends? Yay or nay?


  1. I splurged on boots (with Andy's mom's help) in October and I practically live in them now and LOVE pairing them with cute tights and skirts/dresses.

    I have one pair of skinny jeans that I had picked up on clearance at Target last spring (which are also now too big!), but am fearful to buy any new pants at the moment as I feel like I am still losing inches from my hips.

  2. What kind of boots did you pick up? I love wearing a heeled boot but with how much I have to walk on campus some days, it isn't the most logical. My skinny jeans will most likely get too big too but I guess that is what hot water is for, right? :)

  3. Size 9 in oak!

    I now want the black boots so I am saving my pennies.