Sunday, January 15, 2012

How About a Little Positivity?

The more I am online, tweeting (professional reasons to join, I swear!), updating Facebook statuses, and reading the news, I am overcome by how negative our world it. Let's put aside the fact that news is meant to be interesting and enticing so the more scary and horrible the story, the more people will read it; but also the incredible negativity about people online. People on blogs, journal communities and Facebook talk smack about other random people, celebrities or just people in general. It is like there is some sick satisfaction people get about putting others down. It is the epitome of grade school behavior.

In a world where you have to be online to "interact" (and boy do I use that term loosely) and stay current with what is going on, how do you avoid the negativity?

1) Only add or interact with people that choose to be positive or contribute positively to the world.
2) Understand that the internet is not a real reflection of people. Ever. It is heavily edited, photo shopped, and polished to make people feel however we want them to feel.
3) You can only control yourself and your actions.

I suppose it can become overwhelming sometimes.
We must remember that we build the world we live in and the more positivity we put out there, the more positivity we will get back in return.

In the meantime, things that make me smile...


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