Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Positivity Took a Break

FYI: I had a crappy, anxiety filled day. Blargh.

Woke up late.
Couldn't seem to get dressed. Tried on shirt after sweater after tank top and nothing worked.
Neighbor parked behind me so had to wake him up to move the car.
Pouring rain.
Late to work...late late.
Immediately given a student, papers, and project work on upon entering the office.
Cranky, cranky, cranky.

Decide that I desperately needed some fresh air and some coffee.
Solution? Run "errand" for work and get Starbucks. And marshmallow bar.

Feel better. Feel happy. Feeling the caffeine and sugar rush through my veins!

And....downhill from there. Anxiety. Meeting. Pressure. Hurry, hurry.
Cranky, cranky, cranky.

Time to work out some aggression.
Gym is packed, go run errands instead.
Listen to 30 Seconds to Mars at eardrum bursting volume.
Buy Rice Krispies, Peanut Butter Cheerios, and Doritos.
Eat Doritos on way to gym.

No parking and snowing outside. Decide to give up for the night.
Ate foot long veggie sandwich.
Watched a GOOD episode of Glee and Chopped.
Read magazine that came in the mail with the lovely Ms. Witherspoon on the cover.
Blissfully fall asleep in the fluffy goodness that is my bed.
Start another day.

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