Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Adventure of Pregnancy

Back in May 2016, I found out I was pregnant. It was after a week of feeling like I definitely had the plague or at least some sort of food poisoning. I had a rocky health situation over the past year due to stressful work conditions so while this wasn't completely out of the ordinary, I really wasn't sure what was going on.

I had just started a temp job and was happy to be working again when some of my anxieties came back. I was mystified because I wasn't stressed out and it was a pretty easy-going position. I went to my doctor and did all of the tests and everything came back clear and healthy so I figured, okay, I will just deal with my stress holistically and focus on my quality of life. That next week was when I thought I had the plague and then a week after that, my period hadn't come and my doctor recommended waiting a few more days for a pregnancy test. My fiancee and I had just started trying to get pregnant and I always assumed we would take a while to get pregnant due to age and just life happenstances.

The morning we found out, I made sure to get into the bathroom right away. I didn't think I would see a positive pregnancy test at all and when those two lines appeared, I just said "Oh my god." I repeated it over and over again until Kyle came knocking on the door to ask if everything was okay. After a few seconds, I came out to show him the test. Basically...."Umm....the test is positive." (And then I proceeded to take two more tests!)

We had to get ready to go to work but seriously, we weren't quite sure what to think! For the rest of the day, my head spun and I went into action mode. I researched an OB/GYN and worked to just chill out and remain calm until everything was verified. Kyle was cool and calm because, hello, we were trying to get pregnant, but I was just stunned. This was actually something that was happening!

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