Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Necessities for Pregnancy

1. Water
I am not the best at drinking water and man, you have to pee ALL.THE.TIME. but it is vitally important for you and the baby. Buy a new water bottle if that helps make it a bit more special!

2. Bra
The comfort of a good bra cannot be beat, especially when you grow 1-5 sizes during pregnancy. One of my friends loaned me her maternity clothes, including a bra, and there was a point that I had to finally buy another one because I became, quite honestly, frightened to even put the bra on. Big warning sign! It doesn't have to be fancy or spendy, it just needs to fit well and give you some good support. Eventually, you'll also be adding some nursing bras/tops to your wardrobe as well.

3. Underwear
Some can wear their normal underwear during pregnancy (below the bump) and some go without completely. I sized up my regular underwear and while it kind of works, it really isn't my favorite thing to fight with on a daily basis. I'm on a budget and so close to the end that I am just dealing with what I got but I highly recommend grabbing some high-waisted or very comfy and soft underwear that can make you feel secure and happy.

4. Prenatal Vitamins
You might be sick for a majority of your pregnancy; you might not. You might LOVE food and eat really, really well; you might not. No matter what, prenatal vitamins are key in making sure you are getting the right nutrients and vitamins for not only yourself but also the baby. I have a really hard time eating the first 4-5 months and felt so much better knowing that at least I was getting vitamins and minerals that were essential for the development of the babe. In addition to my prenatal vitamins, I am also taking an Omega-3 supplement, magnesium, and vitamin D3. Make sure you talk with your doctor and also be willing to try a few different brands of prenatals (even the gummies!) as each person reacts differently.

5. Grabber
Now, I didn't buy this but I really wish I would have! Sitting on the couch and the remote or water bottle is just out of my reach. Not a problem early on in pregnancy but once that belly is a growin,' it is just a huge hurdle to try and get the simplest of things. I would have liked to have used it to pick up things off the floor that I just cannot bend down to reach because, for real, it becomes a feat of gravity and flexibility towards the end of pregnancy. Just embrace it!

6. A Pregnancy Book
Let me reiterate the "A" as in one (maybe two) part. It is really helpful to get a straight-forward, no frills pregnancy book for reference and random questions that might come up. I got a great book from my doctor's office and that, along with the Panic-Free Pregnancy book, I was feeling pretty good. This is all personal preference of course and I think the best thing is to go check out a bunch of different styles and perspectives before settling on one or two to be your go-to reference.

7. Yoga Pants
I was told that maternity pants are awesome and so comfortable! Well, that was not my experience. I struggled with ones that were too big or too small, full panel or just stretchy, and of course you are continuing to grow and change so these issues just keep rotating. I became more and more dependent on my yoga pants since they were the perfect length and looked good enough that, when paired with a cute top, could work pretty much anywhere. I get my yoga pants at Target for relatively cheap and they hold pretty well, too. Trust me, just have these as a back-up in case there are days when you aren't feeling the greatest or need to run a million errands and don't want to deal with droopy pants (seriously, so much pulling up of the pants!).

8. Nausea Helpers
Don't worry, I am not going to mention the word "ginger" over and over again here because that was something that didn't help me at all. I bought the expensive Preggie Drops and they actually worked really well! The sweet/sourness may have just been a distraction but dang, they tasted so good and I felt better after wards. Peppermint candies also seemed to help but mostly after a meal. Another thing that worked for me was carbonated waters (Dasani is my favorite, La Croix is the most popular). Some sites say that this can make heartburn worse but I found that it actually settled my stomach really well and gave me some variety when I was just drinking plain water all day long.

9. Someone To Talk To
This is important. I am not big on opening up or seeking help from others (believe it or not) just because I enjoy the fact that I am a strong, self-sufficient person but it has been so amazing to have others reach out to me and share some of their own stories. I texted, messaged and Instagrammed with friends to make sure what I was feeling was "normal," or to ask advice about random things like the pregnancy underwear, how to deal with visitors in the hospital, and what some of the biggest surprises were while they were pregnant.  Just getting a few different perspectives and insights was so helpful and reassuring.

The best I advice I got over and over again is that you have to do what is best for you. Your pregnancy symptoms may be different, your plan for birth may be different, and your child may be different but you always have to do what is best for you, your child, and your family. <3