Sunday, October 10, 2010


10 Things I Did Today:

1. Showered and finally shaved my legs. It has been far too long.
2. Went to Borders to study. I am physically unable to study or do anything related to school while in my apartment.
3. Drank a lovely iced tea with two splendas.
4. Wrote two outlines to two papers. One far overdue but it is a rough draft.
5. Read "People" and "US Weekly" which are my guilty pleasures.
6. Went to the library to finish said papers.
7. Started feeling really sick around 6pm so the second paper had to wait.
8. Drove to the store for sickie stockpile: diet ginger ale, ice cream, grape popsicles and orange juice. The ice cream wasn't a necessity but I was craving a Wendy's frosty and this was the closest thing I allowed myself to buy.
9. Came home and made dinner. Tater tots and steamed broccoli. 1/2 plate broccoli, 1/2 plate tater tots.
10. While eating dinner, watched The Apprentice. These people are horrible.

10 Things About Me:
1. I think I am a pretty good writer but I procrastinate so much that it never comes out very well.
2. I made kick-ass pumpkin muffins AND banana muffins this week.
3. I bake when procrastinating.
4. Dan Savage is coming to speak at EMU this week but I can't go see him because I have class that I cannot miss AND a meeting. Seriously. Not happy.
5. I hate wearing glasses sometimes.
6. This lack of awareness about recycling here is annoying.
7. I bought a new couch (to me) a few weeks ago and it was my best purchase so far.
8. I have 171 in my queue on Netflix plus 24 in the "Saved" area and 17 in my "Instant Watch."
9. I have 96 things in my Amazon wish list because I like to "window shop" online.
10. I have developed a slight infatuation with canning jars.


  1. I read People and US Weekly yesterday as well. I love that US Weekly has been doing cover stories on Teen Mom every week. I’m hooked on that show.

    Canning jars are incredibly useful. I’ve never used them for canning fruits and veggies, but I bet I’ve canned close to 100 cakes. They’re such fun gifts. I mean who doesn’t like getting cake in the mail? =)

  2. Canning jars! If you can ever find the old blue tinted glass ones-they are so wonderful. I bought some for my mom at a garage sale and I kind of regret giving them to her. They are also great for holding things like buttons and stuff. So great.