Sunday, October 24, 2010

Coffee Coffee Coffee

I used to drink coffee as a fun, social thing. Go to Starbucks with the girls, pick up a Frappucino. Not "real" coffee but something yummy and trendy. Slowly over time, a love for all things coffee developed. Then, a slight dependency as, of course, coffee contains caffeine which is a necessity of life. Clearly.

I am lucky though as I only need coffee to function two or three days a week. I sprung for a french press since I can make coffee in small amounts and it is very chic (oh yes). My first attempt and I actually did it without breaking anything AND it tasted good! I tried a little sampler of Target brand's Archer Farms Cinnamon Vanilla Nut coffee and added the International Delight Skinny Vanilla Latte coffee creamer.

Why not go big, right?

Mmmm...the love is here.

1 comment:

  1. are making me want a cup of coffee! My latest coffee craving is the starbucks flavored via. Little spendy BUT cheaper than a treat coffee and I can bring them with me in my purse-so fantastic. I had one in a travel mug (makes 8oz) with a packet of SF cocoa-seriously better than a mocha from starbucks!

    I love coffee. Oh and those creamers rock but I have found I don't drink them very fast and they go bad:( But I always have milk in the house so I do the flavored coffee on lazy days w/milk (when I don't want to grind and press) and on days when I am not lazy (which lately hasn't been very many) I actually grind my own beans. I am seriously going to make a cup right now. Coffee is SOOOO good.