Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 27: Your favorite place, in great detail

In high school, I was close friends with three other girls. We hung out together all the time and have numerous stories of stalking boys or eating pure junk food during sleep overs. Taco Bell was often involved.

One friend's family had two "vacation" houses. They were nothing fancy but I thought they were amazing. One was the beach house located in Seaside, OR. The decor was 70's - early 80's with two bathrooms, a small kitchen and a laundry room. It was just a short walk to the popular touristy area where we would get mini donuts and ride the cheesy carnival rides. We played video games and Skee-Ball at the local arcade and scoped out the cute high school boys.

The lake house is situated in American Lake near Fort Lewis in Washington. We took the pontoon boat to get over to the tiny island and usually stayed there for a few days since we already stocked up on groceries (Little Debbie cakes, rice crispy treats, substance). We kept ourselves busy with either little projects around the island (clearing trees, cleaning the house, repainting furniture) and watched many o' VHS movies. The lake house has a view of the lake as well as Fort Lewis. You can walk around the entire island and many of the people have lived or vacationed there for decades so everyone knows each other. There is even a fairy tale-like little castle over on one side that I have millions of pictures of. Again, it isn't fancy but it feels like you are in a comfy, cozy, tree house.

We used to go all the time in high school and even a few years after. I haven't been back there in at least three years and the last time I was there it was with my friend's brother's friends (got that?). It was a different experience but great nonetheless. I layed on the dock and watched the stars at night. I listened to music until 3 a.m. and went on little hikes throughout the "backyard" without getting lost.

Of the two places, I always felt like the lakehouse was an adventure and a home. I miss it and if I am lucky, maybe I will get my own one day.


  1. Ooooh Taco Bell was always part of our favorite nights too! Such great memories.

  2. Yes, it was before we knew any better about Taco Bell food!