Friday, October 15, 2010

Yum Stuff

I have always been an advocate for Edy's Slow Churned ice cream. It is lower fat and always delicious. I stumbled upon a new limited edition flavor: Hot Chocolate!

It is probably because I love anything with marshmallows but this is just the best. They also have a seasonal pumpkin flavor out that I know I have tried but completely forget what it tastes like. That might be a sign, right? I DO know that their peppermint flavor (also seasonal) is totally yum and I cannot wait for it to come out. 
I read The Impulsive Buy blog and they test things that you see in the store and would never buy yourself BUT are dying to know what they taste like. Last week, they came across Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts. Now, we know that it is that time of year for major pumpkin madness so this fits nicely into the mix. It is pumpkin madness! I myself have already purchased three cans of pumpkin and made muffins. 

I figure that Pop Tarts are everyones' secret little treat. It is the guilty pleasure much like The Hills or Jersey Shore (yuck!!). Everyone likes to eat them but no one in their right mind would fess up. 

These pumpkin pie ones are pretty tempting. I have heard that the taste and smell is very pumpkin pie like and even the icing is tasty. There are two problems that I have: High Fructose Corn Syrup (the newest of food monsters) and that they only have them in 12 packs. 

This is me in the store:
Find the box in the breakfast foods aisle.
Check price. Check how many in box.
Think to myself "No, I don't need 12 of these"
Look on the back of the box for ingredients and nutritional info.
Realize that I am looking at "junk food" and that the prior action is ridiculous. 
Look at cart.
Look at box.
Look at back of box again.
Place back on shelf.
Stand in front of box on shelf for at least another two minutes contemplating.
Quickly leave the scene.

And there you have it. 

And...despite my blogging about two crazy foods, I do actually eat healthy foods too. I am newly addicted to prepackaged containers of watermelon and cantaloupe for $1 and have rekindled my love for Bagel Thins and reduced fat cream cheese.

Up next......maybe a step-by-step look at how I attempt to make coffee in a french press...for the first time?


  1. I have to second the pumpkin and peppermint tastiness. Those are two of my favorite holiday treats. We’ve already gone through a carton of peppermint. It’s perfection with chocolate syrup.

  2. The coffee in a french press thing is not too hard to perfect it just depends on how you like your coffee. Remember I used to be a barista so if you need tips-ask! I just found this awesome new coffee on 40th and Hawthorne that I LOVE. Oh and the pumpkin thing-I am trying not to succumb to seasonal cravings this year and only allow myself one treat-as in ONE pumpkin milkshake or pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. I am saving my allotment for pumpkin pie. Such is the life of the woman who cannot handle sugar anymore...ever since Abe I get weird and it affects mood. Wow. this is a freaking novel in the comment section:)
    Oh and I justify poptarts by buying organic occasionally. I just did the same thing in grocery outlet tonight over organic ones in a big box-I also walked away:)

  3. i would totally purchase the pumpkin pop tarts for the shear hope that they taste great, but also probably be totally defeated in how they probably taste artificial and uber sweet. i did come across a recipe/how-to for homemade pop tarts. i'll need to find it and send it your way!

    also, french press coffee is easy peasy! measure coffee into press, boil water, pour into press, cover & let steep for a few minutes, and slowly press the press through the water. yay!

  4. Amy--Oh, I will have to see if the peppermint is out yet here.

    Kat--I could never limit myself to just one seasonal treat. I have a feeling I'll be making pumpkin muffins til January.

    Cara--Yeah, not scared of the french press more so of glass breaking (in general) but it came with instructions so one of these days I just need to try it. And I did see the homemade pumpkin poptarts recipe in a blog--might attempt to make those during my next school break. They look delicious.