Wednesday, October 27, 2010

All Nighter

For the record:

I am currently partaking in my FIRST all nighter in graduate school.
It shall be my first and last

Luckily I took a "disco" nap earlier so I could prepare for this. And luckily, I can take a nap tomorrow since I only have my class.

Ridiculousness! But it is hard to yell at yourself without feeling a bit crazy doing it.


  1. I had more than one all nighter in grad school. So many papers! Eeek!

  2. Yes! This one was completely my fault though. I procrastinated and resisted doing it and had plenty of time. There might be another paper coming up that will be a toughie but darn it, I have plenty of time!

    You are right though, so many papers! Did you have group projects too?