Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random Reflection

Lately I have been thinking about all the things I did during my last six months in Portland. Weird, random things though.

I am trying to get a house/dogsitting job during the Thanksgiving break so that I won't have to get a part-time job. This job would allow me to pay my bills (yay!) for December thus allowing me to enjoy my break fully. The job is also pretty big: four dogs, one with diabetes, two with noses for mischief and this would be for 10 days and in a town about 45 minutes away.

I began dogsitting in Portland for a friend of a co-worker. She had this cute dog, Pony, who had some medical issues but was as sweet as could be. The accommodations were amazing with a condo downtown and I got a lot of exercise.  It was my first time really caring for an animal and staying at someone else's home but after the first day, I got into a routine.

I also catsat (yep, using that term) for a co-worker for a weekend and it was also pretty amazing. Low-key cats (cats are so much easier than dogs!) and a beautiful house in SE Portland.

I then dogsat (yep, again) for my then-boss. She has two huge dogs, one with tons of energy and the other one who is more calm and a little unsure of new people. I was incredibly overwhelmed the first day and wasn't sure if I was going to be able to handle it. I even called a nearby friend of hers to see if he could maybe take a day or two towards the end. It took me two days to feel completely comfortable in the dogs' routine but I lasted the entire time I was hired for. PLUS the dog that was not so sure about me ended up cuddling with me each night after the third day.

So I have fully talked myself into this four dog situation and am going to meet them all someday soon. There are always pluses and minuses with dog/cat/housesitting but I have to realize that my pluses are 1) money that will pay my bills 2) Get to hang out with some (hopefully) sweet, playful, and adorable dogs. Win-win in my book.

 After contacting the first "client" about a recommendation, she told me that she had to put Pony down a few months ago. It must have been right around the time that she asked me to take care of him for a week. He had all sorts of random things going on and doctors were not sure why these things were happening or how to treat them. Pony was on pills for this and that and taking pills to help with side effects of that pill and well, you know the drill. I am happy that he isn't in pain anymore but it is sad because he was just the sweetest little one.

So, long reflection: it is interesting where life leads you.

I actually miss my last job because I was into a rhythm, knew what I was doing, and had the chance to meet amazing people. I also had great opportunities like the ones above. 

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