Monday, October 4, 2010

Plan of Attack.

Sometimes, when life seems overwhelming, you just need a plan of attack.

What did people do before Excel spreadsheets? Probably paper and pen. Maybe I should go back to my kindergarten days and whip out some drawing paper and crayons? Maybe THEN I would be inspired to follow a schedule so that my head doesn't explode.

I take full responsibility for all the stress happening right now, too. I have developed this ADD personality in the last few years where it takes a lot of effort for me to focus on just one thing. For example, I have five web pages open right now. Two being completely unimportant in relation to the deadlines I have looming. One is keeping in the know with a partner for one of my deadlines. Another is actual research for a different and most pressing deadline.

Where am I? On the one of the two completely unimportant web pages. Really.
Where do I want to be? Snuggled on the couch in a mass of blankets watching television and sipping hot cider.
Where will I be until at least 7pm tonight? Here. Library. Where my head hurts. At least it is warm.

And I brought snacks. 

I have plans for winter break already. Big GRANDIOSE plans! Is that bad?

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