Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 26: Your fears, in great detail

Obviously I am skipping around on my days here but I fully plan to complete the 30 days of questions. Of course, it helps that I have homework and this is a wonderful distraction.

So, fears: bullet point style.

  • ...never seeing the world. I have been lucky enough to travel to London and Paris and various parts of the United States but I feel like there is just so much more I need to see. I would hate to be on my death bed and not seen Sweden, England, Italy, India, and South America. 
  • ...failing. Not just failing but failing at things that I know I could have done had I not been in my own way. Present circumstances included.
  • ...not having children. I have come to the realization that adoption may be a reality as some health issues have come up but also the fact of age and singledom. Yes, more women are having children in their 30's but it does make me nervous. I blame part of this on the fact that I have been surrounded by people having most of their children in their early 20's and since I am almost owning the "30" title, I feel old. Is 30 old? Not even in the least! But my crazy mentality is what it is. 
  • ...settling for less. This is linked to the second issue above but I know what I want but I tend to settle for less because my brain gets flooded with "What ifs?" and then the rest of me goes all loopy and I settle for what is right in front of me instead of what could be. 

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