Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Requisite Thanksgiving Post

Greetings, all!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and accompanying weekend! Did anyone go brave the crowds? On Wednesday, I went to see "Twilight" (um...I liked one scene!) and treated myself to a big ol' Panera lunch. Friday, I wandered into Target and World Market just to see if there was anything left and any good deals and was lucky enough to find a great things AND the checkout lines were minimal. I did the same thing last year with just going to see what's up, no expectations, and maximum amount of patience. Seems to work well for me!

Being that I am single and far away from family and friends, I make sure to still do some traditional holiday things for myself. This year, I am cat-sitting for my co-worker at her place (big screen tv, cable, kittens means perfect "vacation") and still made my version of a Thanksgiving meal.

Always on my plate: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce (a la can). I usually dress up the stuffing and mashed potatoes with my own additions but went super simple this year. I did use Emily's recipe for Sweet & Sour Brussell Sprouts which were AMAZING! I subbed brown sugar for honey but these were incredibly good. Added a fancy can of diet ginger ale for sparkle and then sat down to have a proper viewing of Ryan Gosling's abs "Crazy Stupid Love." I forgot how much I loved that movie! (P.S. Don't stuff yourself full while watching gorgeous actors...feels a little dirty)

For dessert, I made mini treats of classics that my mom always makes. They aren't fancy but damn, they are delicious! I forgot to take pictures BUT they are super easy. One is just chocolate pudding mixed for pie preparation and thrown into the mini graham cracker crusts. My mom always does the real chocolate pies with proper crusts and cooking of the pudding but...that's a whole lot of effort for little ol' me. I usually make some sort of pumpkin something and this year I made mini impossible pumpkin pie cupcakes for work then some regular cupcake-sized ones for me to enjoy. Add a gigantic dollop of whipped cream on each and boom...supremely delicious.

Overall, not too shabby of a holiday and long weekend. I got a lot of sad faces and "awwws" when asked what I was doing for Thanksgiving. After being single and away from home for the last several years, I'm used to that response but definitely not something I enjoy. Being a nomad apparently has its downsides!

Any sort of traditions that you make a point of doing every year? 

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