Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 25: A first, in great detail

The first time I lived on my own.

I was 19 and attending Portland State University in Portland, OR. It wasn't a far move from home but it was my own little place with a twin bed, desk, mini fridge, dresser, sink, and walk-in closet. There were co-ed bathrooms on each floor. I brought in a small television, shelf and various knick-knacks to really make it my own. It was on the first floor of the building and a friend of mine would come and knock on my window to walk to class together occasionally. My little room was pretty nifty.
This is similar to what my room looked like. (from
Front of the building. (from
I had some good times and not so good times. My stay here was fairly short as other issues took priority over school and I enjoyed working at the nearby Quiznos much more than going to class. You can see where the problems may have been. Um..yeah.

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