Monday, September 19, 2011

Exploring Avenues

The other day, I decided to investigate some options to make myself a baby mama. I'm getting older. My eggs are getting older. I'm assessing my options, one being that of artificial insemination.

Of course I immediately felt like "Look Who's Talking" and "The Back-Up Plan." Brilliant.

So I found a great place in New York City that looked pretty legit and they even had profiles of donors. I really wanted to see how much everything cost but looking at the potential donors was also kind of interesting. There was Irish American, African American, English, Spanish, etc. I found a few that seemed like decent options.

Then I thought "huh, this guy is single and seems pretty interesting" and then I think....

damn, I probably should at least attempt to date before I give up all together.


  1. Oh, our 30s. Babies, babies, babies! Don't give up (although exploring options is not giving up). Andy and I have been having the baby talks lately... lots of things to consider!

  2. And I am sure you are getting the questions of "when, when when!?!" now that you have been married a few years.

    I don't know exactly what it is but I definitely feel that ticking clock that everyone references about this time.