Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Theme.

Although I have been trying to "up" my clothes and dress when going to work every day, I am noticing a whole lot of black going on. I mean, it is like A+B+C=Outfit and B (and sometimes C) are black.

Case in point:

Button-up shirt (Old Navy), white tank & Mossimo denim trousers (Target)

I do believe this is all Target. I have a clear addiction. Bag also clearance item from Target.

Top from Target, flats from Ross (Florida) and skirt from online sale. 

Okay, maybe it isn't black so much as I just keep wearing the same essential pieces over again. I do love those pants, top and skirt though! Might as well wear it until I have to wear five layers just to walk to work each day (ie. fall-winter-spring in Michigan).

Here are my black but hot shoes:

I love them.

Now how do I go from where I am now to this:


  1. There’s nothing wrong with black, and those shoes are crazy, hot. I want to steal them =)

  2. Thanks! Those shoes are totally the love of fashion life at the moment. And, oddly enough, they are comfortable and easy to walk in. I shall wear them when I come visit :)