Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's September. How Did That Happen?

I currently have a wonderful view of some police activity so I am sure this will be interesting.

It has been weeks since I have updated and I apologize for that immensely.
Things have been...normal.
Things will be...hectic.

Reasons for the delay in updates:
  • Hard drive crashing.
  • Going from internship to regular full-time job to three jobs equaling a little more than one full-time position.
  • Trying to schedule social activities for my friends, my grad school student association and myself.
  • I have cable television and I long for days where I don't have to be attached to a computer. 

Future reasons for delays will be:
  • See second bullet from the top. 
  • See fourth bullet from the top.
  • The two classes that I am also enrolled in this term. If I could attach the syllabi, I would. However, I am currently in slight denial that I need to worry about those right now. 
I hope to make some regular updates; at the very least some pictures of my day-to-day. I have so much going on this year but it will be absolutely amazing, I know that much. As long as I get no more wrinkles, no more pink eye, no more food poisoning, and still manage to have a smile on my face at the end of the week. 

And this to sleep in every night. Thank goodness for a bed.

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