Sunday, September 2, 2012

A New Month

Now that it is officially a brand new month, I would love to set some goals and actually make some progress in life. It is no surprise per my many prior blog entries that the last few months have been challenging. I can't pinpoint WHAT the hell is going on but here, it is a new month and I can hope for better things to (be)come.

So far since moving to South Carolina, I have tried the socializing, dating, getting my apartment to feel like home, establish a semi-healthy daily routine, and get used to my new job position. All of those things have been a struggle but instead on focusing on entire life "big picture oh my goodness overwhelming kind of want to puke" goals, perhaps I should take some serious baby steps and be realistic. Let's see what is possible...

One Day: Pinterest
1. Dating. Put on hold temporarily until I get my head straight. You know that saying that you can't expect someone else to love you if you don't love yourself"? Well, let's start there. Don't be so damn hard on myself everyday and instead make progress in being a healthier, happier person overall.

2. The Fashion. I have an incredibly limited budget but the ladies here seem to dress with a simplicity and ease that I have yet to master. I hope to make my closet a bit more lady-like and professional while still maintaining my tight budget. Outfits like these are my goal.


 3. The Health Factor. I don't consider myself the most unhealthy person ever but improvements definitely need to be made. I have a 5k coming in October that I would like to not suffer through and I also want to have more energy overall to be active. I actually had planned a hike this weekend but with the heat and humidity so high and my lack of knowledge about the area, I didn't trust myself going it alone. I have upped my vitamins and lowered my little indulgences to better resemble my diet last year when I lost 15lbs. and right before I started working out consistently. Now to move and drink more water. Not hard, right??

4. Sleep. Have the new bed set up but basically crash into it every night. I used to have this great bedtime routine of reading or doing a Sudoku puzzle right before falling asleep to help clear the chaos in my head, which I desperately miss.

5. Happiness. I need to do the things that used to make me happy but I haven't done for a while. All of my crafting/artsy goodness is in Michigan but I have a fun bedroom project in mind. I used to stay at the bookstore for hours looking through magazines and new fiction. I went thrift store shopping only spending a few dollars but coming home with great things. Walking in my neighborhood and gawking at the ridiculously gorgeous Southern homes (couldn't do that in Ypsi!). Baking and cooking. Sending little notes in the mail. Going on long drives.

We'll do a check in at the end of the month to see what progress was made!

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