Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Free Will Astrology: See Yourself

Aries Horoscope for week of September 13, 2012
Verticle Oracle card Aries (March 21-April 19)
You will never be able to actually gaze upon your own face. You may of course see a reasonable likeness of it in mirrors, photos, and videos. But the real thing will always be forever visible to everyone else, but not you. I think that's an apt symbol for how hard it is to get a totally objective view of your own soul. No matter how sincere you may be in your efforts to see yourself clearly, there will always be fuzziness, misapprehensions, and ignorance. Having said that, though, I want you to know that the coming weeks will be an excellent time to see yourself better than ever before.

See, some skillz!
Some may ask why I post these horoscopes on my blog. Simply, they give some great insight and make me think about things. Most people don't believe in horoscopes and while I think they are fun to think about, they are a chance to provide some introspection or maybe even some perspective on a situation. I've had a lot of "soul searching" (to use the cheesiest term) lately and am still processing a lot. I have people in my life that I care about deeply but am no where near. I care about people that are kind of in my life but have yet to prove that they want to stay. I can safely say that I have no idea what I want right now. I am waiting for time to show me the truth.
Per the horoscope, I am desperately hoping to see myself better; my flaws, my strengths, my wants, and my needs. I can realize what I try to be but the actual reaction and effects are not always known to me. I try to be a good friend but often don't feel like I try enough or that I am relying too heavily on some people because I have come to trust them the most. I also recently found out just how deep my trust issues run....even at 31 years old I am finding out things about myself! I try to do my job and do it well but there is still a large, deep, overwhelming learning curve, which happens at most positions, that I am trying to overcome.
Each time I move I learn something new about myself. In Michigan, I learned that I am much stronger, more independent, and more capable than I ever thought possible. So far, in South Carolina, I am finding out that I desperately want to be settled and have structure in my life that includes others. I am tired to being the adult, the person who knows everything and can handle everything. I love that I have the ability to figure things out for myself and be strong but it takes a toll on me that it is always me moving, re-establishing roots, and creating relationships. I would love to see myself in a more honest, brutal light that can lead me towards understanding of what I want my life to be.

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