Thursday, October 4, 2012

An Outstanding October

Taking some cues from Gina's post at Fitnessista, I want to make the month ahead a good one! Although it doesn't quite feel like fall yet, it is still my absolute favorite time of year. There are always some sort of celebration, festival, or bazaar going on and it is my solemn vow to find some fun events to get me in the spirit.

In addition to getting out there and not turning into a gigantic dust bunny in yoga pants, I also need to commit to explore the area and also be more physically active. I say that a.l.o.t. and I swear I mean it but really, my bed looks more comfortable and the thought of taming said related bed head just isn't an enticing idea.

Here are some of my ideas: 

1. Embrace Halloween in more ways than candy corn. I don't know if I'll get trick-or-treaters but I plan to arm myself with a modest bowl of treats just in case. I also plan to have a little bowl of candy at my office to hand out to stressed out students. Oops, those all relate to candy. Oh! I'll watch some awesomely scary cheesy movies, too!

2. Volunteer. There are a few opportunities in town that sound like fun and would allow me to get more involved in the community. I might also look for a part-time job for some extra side money for the holidays.

3. Shake up the wardrobe. I am seriously wearing out every cardigan I own so I need to switch it up. I can rock the dark denim jacket with a skirt, pair a blazer with my skinny pink pants, and, if I muster up some energy, wear my heels more often.

4. Participate in a blogger recipe challenge. I'm excited to do a little more in this area and make some goodies! I also plan on making something seasonal for the little October birthdays celebration we do at work.

5. Read five books. I love nothing more than opening all the windows, snuggling in bed, and reading a great book. So relaxing. 

What are you all going to do to make October outstanding?

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