Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The World View

Ugh. I had all these great posts about new (successful, even!) recipes I've made lately and some different life thoughts but then "The Sickness" hit. I have officially deemed it "The Sickness" because it totally kicked my ass and made me feel old. Ancient, even. It sucked. I was suppose to have this great long weekend where I did a mini-road trip to Charlotte for thrifting and IKEA madness, ran a Color Me Rad 5k, did a special pre-opening tour of the new Whole Foods, and went to the South Carolina State Fair. Instead (and I say that with such sarcasm and hostility), I laid on the couch drinking diet ginger ale, living off saltines, and making serious headway through "Grey's Anatomy."

Bitter? Me? Naaaa.

So now with this new week, I can only take care of myself and get completely better. My breathing isn't quite perfect but really, some exercise and fresh air would help aid in my recovery so that is something I'm working on. Sleeping would help...a consistent sleep schedule specifically would help so I'm working on it. And eating regular food would help, which means I need to hit up some sort of grocery outlet for leafy greens and fruit.

What I would love to do this week really is: 

Read the rest of my library books. Two down, two to go.

Make Cinnamon Bun Bread Pudding

Watch all the new episodes of The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Hart of Dixie, and Bones

Go see The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Buy furniture so that my home feels more normal and cozy. I have GRAND plans!Also need to complete my very hip art projects.

And fix my phone. Major fail on my part that I didn't get it fixed last week.

What is one thing you would LOVE to get accomplished this week?

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