Friday, December 10, 2010

Human Carbohydrate Disposal

That is my official title today. My other one? Exhausted Graduate Assistant.

All of the food I have eaten today has been free and available at my office AND in some sort of carb form. At least the orange juice adds a "fruit" in there somewhere! I am going to have to eat brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes tonight for a well-rounded day.

Part of being a graduate assistant is knowing nothing until it actually happens. There are forms and procedures to follow yet we don't know when to use them or what to do until the situation presents itself. This leaves a GA very much susceptible to feeling stupid and slightly lost. I am glad I am not on my own over here though...this is a common story from all the GAs I know.

Another part of being a graduate assistant AND in my program are the awesome people you meet. I went out to the Tap Room last night with some classmates, my professor, and the professor of another class. It was great to be able to socialize and know people outside of the classroom. There are some fun events happening next week too and future plans for making one of our student groups functional and interesting.

With my lack of sleep and nutrition, I am draaaaaaging today. Five o'clock cannot come fast enough!

Oh.....and SNOW!! Glorious snow actually fell, accumulated, and stuck around today. We might end up getting a few inches over the weekend too which is exciting and a little scary since I have some no-can-wait errands.

Sorry no pictures right now but I have big plans for many, many picture posts!

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