Thursday, December 9, 2010

Taking My Own Advice

So you remember that post about clothes and making yourself feel confident and successful? I should really, really take my own advice.

Because of my low funds this term I have been shopping a lot at the thrift stores. Usually, excellent idea but I have come into the habit of grabbing pants that are just not flattering. When I expertly hold them up and assess if they are indeed the right pants for me I am failing! I have pants that are too high-waisted, too short, too long, and too roomy in the crotch/butt area. These are all major problems!

I get dressed and feel the difference between when I wear those clothes and when I wear the whole three (3!) pairs of pants that fit me perfectly. Hell, I am glad to at least have those! On the days I need extra confidence (like today) I wear these pants but on the other days I just pray to look decent. I end up feeling all schlubby and mismatched for the whole day which really, really affects my overall mood.

After assessing my next term's finances, I am making a firm commitment to buy some amazing, butt-tastic pants/trousers even if they are slightly above my normal price range. If I can find 2-3 perfect pairs of pants then a pair of flat boots I will be so very completely set. Dressing for the winter here is so different than in Portland. It is legitimately cold cold with wind chill and painful hypothermia looming if you don't dress appropriately.

Maybe they should factor in proper clothing and accessories into the financial aid??


  1. I have always found that buying something that is maybe a little more expensive is completely worth it if you a) use/wear it all the time, and b) makes you feel fabulous. They don't call it quality for nuttin' I say, treat yourself! You deserve to feel great!

  2. It is true...quality does matter! We all deserve to feel great, thank you!