Monday, December 27, 2010

Will do.

In the footsteps of many bloggers out there, including this great posting from The Healthy Everthingtarian, I decided I need to actually write down what I would like to accomplish in 2011. Not resolutions but things that I definitely want to finish by the end of 2011...oy, that seems like it is right around the corner!

  • Travel. Travel more and often. The road trip this year only whet my appetite. 
  • Floss at least five times a week (I have a severe fear of the dentist and I am always scared that someday I will be flossing and my teeth will start popping out. Yes, dreams have also included this terrifying idea). 
  •  Get two amazing internships.
  • Yoga five days per week. 
  • Buy a proper bed.  
  • Drink at least 4-5 glasses of water a day (super hard for me).
    • Make at least three vegan meals. I got a great cookbook from a mysterious shopper this Christmas that looks to be full of great recipes. 
    •  Have a great 30th birthday.
    • Take daily vitamins.
    •  Develop a wardrobe where in I can reach in, grab two or three pieces, and have an outfit. 
    • Quite picking at my face. 
    • Read 6 non-school books.
    I fear that my list might be too much BUT all of these are completely feasible and measurable (within reason).


    1. Those cookbooks were from us. They must have not included the gift note:)

      Merry Christmas:)

    2. Oh well thank you! I had no idea! There was just a packing list of (what I assume) are a bunch of other things you bought maybe from the same people or in the same order. I am so glad to know now!

      Hope you had a wonderful holiday with the family up in Washington!

    3. Those are GREAT goals!

      I still need to organize mine..but it will definitely involve eating healthier and finding a job I don't hate.

    4. Thanks! I definitely took cues from other bloggers. Good luck finding a new job that you actually like! I know how hard that can be--that's why I went back to school!