Thursday, February 24, 2011

25 Things You Don't Know About Me

In the same effect of Tina's earlier post, I also love the US Weekly feature of "25 Things You Don't Know About Me" and although I doubt I am as interesting, it is fun to do!


1. I am in the Higher Education Student Affairs graduate program and no one really knows what that means.
2. I spend time running around on Twitter and following certain celebrities' tweets. 
3. I have been told I am a good writer but I have always struggled with writing.
4. I have never broken a bone (*knock on wood*).
5. I don't currently own a real bed.
6. I sometimes miss having a food service job that requires you to constantly be busy and moving.
7. I hate the phone to the point that it can cause anxiety now.
8. I always answer emails in a timely fashion.
9. My Netflix queue is at 149 and the Instant Watch queue is up to 72.
10. I despise when reporters ask prominent people in society (politicians, heroes, etc.) about pop culture. No, President Obama doesn't care about Lady Gage or Justin Bieber. Don't ask!
11. Figs are X-Rated to me.
12. Sometimes I think I should have gone into fashion.
13. My ideal living situation would allow me to walk pretty much everywhere and have a Trader Joe's within an hour driving distance.
14. I research EVERYTHING because I always need to be as prepared as possible.
15. My first concert was Janet Jackson.
16. I cannot handle second-hand embarrassment. It's why watching "The Office" can be difficult, why I won't go to the NKOTBSB concerts and why I won't watch a majority of the YouTube video links my family sends to me.
17. I have absolutely no musical talent what so ever.
18. I have four tattoos and hope to get another one this year.
19. I haven't seen a movie in a theater since August 2010.
20. I hate hot weather and sweating.
21. I have neighbors that get "intimate" only in the earliest hours of the morning. We have thin walls.
22. I only like the soft, melty parts of ice cream. I have been known to soften the ice cream in the microwave.
23. I can't handle when people misspell basic words or capitalize inappropriately. I hate when I catch myself doing it, too!
24. All of the clocks in my house are at least 10 minutes later and the one in my car is 12 minutes later.
25. I don't see the big deal about manicures and pedicures.

Ok...anyone else have anything to share??

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