Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thrift Store Fashion

Oh yes, I love the thrift stores. As anyone who even mildly knows me, I have an addiction to them. As I was thinking about my design aesthetic for both fashion and decor, I realized that I could never go into a big store that has a million varieties of each thing and just pick out something I like. If I go to, for example, H&M, I don't look at the regular racks of clothes, I more so look at the clearance racks then go to the sale items and then maybe wander around the store. This is in large part to my frugality and my desire to find things that are unique but that also look good on me (which can be a major challenge). When I go to a thrift store, I look through everything because you never know what might jump out at you and what might be hiding among the weird, high-waisted pants and granny shirts.

My favorite Ypsi thrift store (so far) is Value World. They had sent out 50% off coupons this month and I got myself all excited to go on Friday! I haven't been in the shopping mood for quite a while because of the money crunch but I had a little bit of room to breathe in my budget and with that coupon, really, I couldn't not go!

I decided that even though it was busy, I would go in, take my time, and not get flustered or too concerned with prices. I slowly went around the perimeter of the store grabbing books first then moving into the household items, shoes and then finally diving into the clothes area.

wine glasses 80 cents, glass picture frame, vintage kitchen towel and glass jar

I was mad with book needs! All were 30-80 cents each with coupon

After I firmly established my desire to shop, I went to the clothes area. I was hoping to get some things that made me feel a bit more pulled together and I had a few things in mind. One jacket was something I saw several times before but never picked it up because I wasn't sure it it was worth the $3.20 (yes, crazy, I know!) but it was still there this time and I decided I had to have it. For most of the items, if they turned out to be duds then I could chalk them up to a little bit of money lost but nothing terribly bad. I grabbed this amazing plaid jacket (bad, shiny buttons though) and a velvet blazer. Be still my heart black velvet perfect blazer!

And you can't see how amazing the velvet blazer is on because I forgot to take a picture of it! Below the jackets, you see four belts that will aid me in attempting to once again be fashionable. I keep seeing things in my closet that could be cute if I had a belt but when I go into fancy stores, I think I look ridiculous with a $12.00 skinny belt. With wild abandon, I grabbed four belts that I thought could work with my wardrobe. There is a black shiny and pale pink skinny belt, a weathered brown weave belt and a green and blue stripped belt that was kind of the wild card.

A few of the other items that are definitely going to be helpful since the return of the snow! Layering is my only armor. There are two gray tops and a brown corduroy and black knit skirt.

All of the clothes were regularly priced $1.20-4.20 with the most expensive things being the velvet jacket and the Abercrombie & Fitch gray knit shirt. With my fabulous coupon, I spent only $16! It is the most I have ever spent here but I was in the thrift store haze, what can I say.


  1. Nice work! This is my favorite type of blog post. I love to see what people can do with fashion on a budget.

    Lately, I feel like shoes have become my porn. When I get a few moments of silence, I get on my laptop and drool over the extreme (both in style and price) shoes that I would love to attempt to wear.

  2. That sounds bad. I should of said addiction not porn, haha.

  3. Hehehe...I get what you mean though!

    Glad you liked the post. I hope to do more with the fashion once the weather is nicer. I have tons of ideas! I am constantly web-window shopping to get ideas and find good bargains.