Thursday, October 27, 2011


Things have been pretty hectic over in my little world. I have noticed that not only am I getting kind of run down, I am also getting snippy and my body is really tense. Like today I had a lady exam and I had to keep remembering to relax my body. I couldn't though so I maintained my tight fists and crossed arms during the entire session. To get my body and mind to realign, I have turned to some healthy behaviors. Go me!

Working out whenever I get the chance.
I have major assignments due next week so I took tonight off but the last two nights have been so great to burn off some energy, stress, and frustration, and also just to get away from the computer. Planet Fitness is becoming my getaway and I even found my headphones which made an hour on the treadmill fly by.

I splurged on a few little things today. One being lunch from Jimmy John's and, two, being Trader Joe's Cranberry Goat Cheese. Never had it but always wanted to try and the nice cheese person talked me into it. I also grabbed chocolate coconut water. We'll see how THAT one goes. If all else fails, at least I'll be hydrated, right?

Despite the stress, I am still enjoying all the insanity of this semester. We have officially hit the midterm time where everyone is stress but only six more weeks to go! I can't believe that it is almost November and soon it will be winter semester then graduation. Don't worry, Christmas break will be spent freaking out, rewriting my resume, thinking of cities I want to live in and crafting up a storm.

Hey, is it December yet?

P.S. I had a mouse go up my leg tonight. In my house. Then it dropped out and ran behind the stove. I screamed...and am now scared to wear anything but leggings and boots in the house.


  1. The mouse thing is creepy. I used to see rats in Seoul, but I never had one in my apartment (thank goodness). In Iraq they have jumping mice. Reuben isn’t usually bothered by that sort of thing, but even he admitted they freak him out.

  2. I agree...super creepy! I am much more aware of the floor and if there is any activity going on in the kitchen, if that makes sense. Jumping mice would pretty much be my nightmare!