Friday, November 11, 2011

No good, very bad day.

A minute to vent, please?

I have been incredibly exhausted the last few weeks and although this week I made the effort to get to bed earlier, I feel no different.


This morning I left the house at 7 am to get to my 8 am eye appointment. Great news is that I am all healed and my eyes look good but the bad news is that I can only wear my contacts for eight hours at a time. Neither of my previous optometrists told me this news and I know it isn't a big deal but when my days are 12-14 hours long, contacts don't seem so fun anymore.

After getting through paying the specialist ($$), I got home in plenty of time to take a short nap and get to a meeting that I have every Friday from 10-12pm. I parked in front of my place and soon decided I need a much, much longer nap. No big deal to miss meeting but while I was napping I got a very expensive ($$) parking ticket. My thought is that if I would have been a responsible adult and gone to my meeting, said ticket never would have happen. I am contesting it but still...

Get to work finally and forgot my lunch AND feel generally horrible. The plan is to workout tonight to counter act my mood and my indulgence in a delicious (and fatty) McD's breakfast sandwich from this morning.

Ugh. Crappy day.
Moving on...
November resolutions:
(can you believe it is the 11th?)

1. Workout at minimum three days per week alternating focus on upper body, lower body, core, and cardio.
2. Get to bed before 11pm Sunday through Thursday.
3. Attend two yoga classes (Groupon).
4. No more eating out with the exception of a beer celebration next Thursday.
5. Sell clothes that are too big.

Those are all very reasonable goals for myself and I have a huge growing list of things to get done on my Gmail, fridge, and planner. Yes, I have to-do lists's what I do.

Other things that I also do are make the best of a dwindling food supply (now I just sound pathetic, right?). I actually do pretty well on little and I just have to get creative. I have been loving oatmeal every morning for breakfast, frozen chili from two weeks ago for lunch, and goat cheese and crackers for dinner.

11/11/11. Make a wish! 
And Happy Veteran's Day to all the amazing service men & women and their families for everything they do!

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