Tuesday, November 22, 2011


As Thanksgiving is happening this week, I thought I would follow suit and list 24 things I am incredibly thankful for.

24. Hugs.
23. Sitting at Barnes & Noble, drinking a big ol' cup of coffee, reading tabloid magazines
22. Pinterest. Is it weird that this is on my thankful list?
21. Frozen yogurt shops. I miss them dearly.
20. Going to the movies during the week and having the whole theater to yourself.
19. Turkey, cranberry, and cream cheese sandwiches. Seriously, delicious.
18. Thrift stores. I don't know how I would build my closet or develop my interior design scheme without them.
17. Pizza. It is the best food ever!
16. The perfect pair of jeans. Rare.
15. The colors green, purple, orange, teal, and midnight blue.
14. Coffee. Whether it be plain coffee or seasonal flavorings, it is wonderful.
13. Airplanes. They make traveling so chic, fun, and exciting. Yes, I love the airports, too!
12. Non-profit organizations.
11. Animal rescue organizations.
10. Google. It is how I know anything and everything.
9. Sunny skies.
8. Sparkpeople.com. Amazing resource that has kept me steady and healthy.
7. Planned Parenthood. When you don't have health insurance, they are always there.
6. The physical ability to be healthy if I decide to be.
5. Puppies & kittens.
4. The ability to receive an education, especially my master's degree. Thank you, government, for the student loans and thank you, EMU, for my graduate assistantship that helps me take out fewer loans.
3. My apartment which includes my bed, kitchen, couch, heater, shower, and tremendous closet space.
2. The ability to be independent.
1. Support from people along this long, windy, twisted journey I have taken.

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