Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful: The Really Little Things

I had such a lovely Thanksgiving. I spent it on my own despite wonderful invitations elsewhere but that meant I could do things like I wanted. I ate a mini chocolate cream pie at 5pm then had dinner around 8:30pm. I think that is totally reasonable!

First wonderful surprise of the day: My cable provider is having a free preview weekend (er, I think) which allows me to see all the fancy channels! If I would have known this, I wouldn't have slept in and missed most of the "Buffy" marathon! I have now watched several wonderful episodes of my dearly, dearly missed "Sex and the City" and several great movies have been recorded. Yay!

Second wonderful surprise of the day: I decided to brave the ridiculous pre-Black Friday crowds at WalMart all in the name of getting the fourth season of "The Big Bang Theory" on sale for only $10. I searched the DVDs in the grocery area and the electronics and found nothing...I was bummed. I did a second go around and hidden on the bottom shelf I found the last copy of it! I was so excited even the lady next to me could tell I got what I wanted. I perused the store with a smile on my face and grabbed some little holiday things and then made my way to the long line for the registers. I was able to skip ahead of those with several televisions and when the checker rang me up apparently I wasn't paying attention and my DVD only rang up as $5! Seriously, $5! I couldn't believe it. I was so freakin' excited! It made the wait totally worth it.

Third less exciting surprise but still kind of cool: I think I am kicking my sweet tooth's ass! Even though I had the chocolate pie before dinner today, the amount of sweets I have been eating are pretty minimal. Now when I crave sweets, they are very specific things like hot chocolate or a sugar cookie. Thank goodness! It's those baby steps that result in great success.

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