Sunday, April 8, 2012

Adventurous April

adventurous april

Janetha over at Meals & Moves Blog created a great challenge, Adventurous April: "April is dedicated to being adventurous! trying new exercises, eating new foods, testing different trends, making new friends, and anything else that is a NEW adventure for you."

In the spirit of the challenge, I decided to push myself on the treadmill. It may seem like something small but it was actually related to something much larger, the confidence I have or lack within my own physical body. Ever since I was little, I was never very active or athletic. I got nervous during gym that I would make a huge ass out of myself and constantly found ways that I could sit out or be part of a more athletic crowd that would do the challenge themselves. I remember times where I was so nervous, sitting third in the row (always third), waiting for my turn on the roller carts or my attempt at running the obstacle course praying that I didn't put my team behind. I am all about the team as long as I can support rather than participate.

This childhood issue even stems into my normal life as an adult. If you saw me on a slick surface you would see someone who instantly goes stick straight and inches along as if one loose move would cause me great harm and hurt. As I have been losing weight over the past handful of months, I notice that after a hard workout I feel like I "own" my body. I can feel my muscles and although there is still much flab to be rid, I feel the power that my body does have and will have. The other day, I ran on the treadmill. It was only for three one-minute bursts in an hour workout but for each minute, I felt stronger and stronger. The last minute was towards the end and although I felt tired I also wanted to see if I could do it. I challenged myself. I succeeded.

I have a 5k next week for Big House Big Heart in Ann Arbor. Before I move in a few months, I wanted to do at least one more 5k while I was here. Success! This one ends in the University of Michigan football stadium and I think I might have a friend or two joining me. I am super excited!

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